Sunday, March 27, 2016

easter 2016 ♥

oh easter sunday! the day every year when i feel like my entire family and most of my life should be featuring pastels. when you see the pictures above and below (one of the outtakes... haha) i'd say we nailed it. woo.

oh i love that girl. her zest for life is so infectious :)

madeline and joseph were given beautifully wrapped easter eggs after church from their pinkers and were so thrilled with them, in fact, joseph managed to tear his open and start eating it on the way home. he's a determined little thing, that's for sure!

oh those eyes!

dougs parents brought over a pile of different mini eggs and chocolate treats and once we got home from church and had lunch, we had an easter egg hunt in the backyard. the thrilled looks on their little faces made my life. it was so fun!

joseph hunting for eggs.

comparing loot afterwards. oh how i love the two of them. 

i am so grateful as always for the blessing it is to know the true meaning of easter. to know that jesus christ, the son of god and our older brother died, and rose again allowing us the chance to have eternal life. what a blessing it is and how loved we are... to know of a life to come. ♥

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