Tuesday, March 29, 2016

a trip to the zoo

today we braved the perth zoo with 7 adults and 8 children... and what a day it was! we were so lucky to have gone when we did, the perth zoo currently has 16 lifesize dinosaurs around the zoo and they are amazing to see! i couldn't even believe how cool they were... and the kids couldn't get enough, especially my dinosaur obsessed joseph.

a life size t-rex on the main lawn

baby felix had the time of his life, snoozing away in his pram and waking up every now and then for a feed... he is such a little doll

joseph and jonas (or j+j as i started referring to them as...) had the best time hanging out together and checking out the wildlife. i am so glad to see that they get along and are enjoying their time together, cousins are a wonderful blessing.

some of the kids outside of the bear enclosure... 

these people make me so happy, i have said it before, but will say it a million times, my parents truly are to very best people i know. i know they are loving having all their children and grandchildren together ♥

and i'll be honest, they really do demonstrate eternal life goals. they have been married for 45 years this year and are still as madly in love as the day they met.

my dad and i... what is life if you don't force your parents to talk a selfie with you every now and then

i think i could say quite safely that everyone's favourite part of the day was riding the vintage perth zoo carousel. it has been there forever... and i even have photos of me riding it as a small child. so seeing maddie on there today loving her life, made me crazy happy!

we love you perth zoo and promise we'll be back sometime soon!

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