Monday, March 28, 2016

a + k family photos

as you all know, my parents live in clackline, a teeny town, a dot on the map really, 20kms the perth side of northam. they have 10 acres of land, that backs onto 4000 hectares of bushland... and more than anything, their place is just beautiful. i love it, the kids love it... and we just love to be there.

they also have a bright blue couch, that i love... and had always imagined using in the bush to take family photos on. mum told me last week that it was time... the couch was being relocated and that it was now or never. thankfully it coincided with aaron, katja and the kids being here for an easter holiday and i grabbed the chance to take their pics on it.

they have the cutest little family... and it made me so happy to get these shots for them!

so may i present the goodlets of brisbane... ♥

aaron with his boys

katja and jonas (he and our joseph were born just 6 weeks apart, he'll be 2 in a few weeks)

and aaron and katja themselves ♥ another sister in law that i am so grateful for, she has made aaron so happy... and fitted beautifully into our family.

and of course... i could not resist getting one of my babies on the couch before it leaves the premises... look at them! smiles galore!

i really love this one too, katja made up jump in for a shot and although i look terrible with no makeup on, the cropped shot of all of us together is gorgeous! ♥

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