Friday, March 25, 2016

a good friday birthday easter hunt

yesterday maddie's little friend georgie from primary had her birthday, so today her mum organised an easter egg hunt birthday party for her (coolest idea ever...)

their family has a huge fun backyard with lots of hiding places and the kids had a ball searching them out in the sunshine.

look! there's one in the tree!

afterwards we had cake, which was one of the coolest ones i have ever seen... georgie's mum had baked a cake, then made a solid chocolate shell in a metal bowl to freeze, then turn over the top and decorate with chocolates. after blowing out the candles on her mini cake, the birthday girl was handed a rolling pin so she could smash the shell and get to the cake which had lollies on top of it, almost like a pinata. so fun to watch.

we had such a fun afternoon... happy birthday georgie! x

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