Monday, February 1, 2016

off to school

look at her!!! our little girl was so super excited this morning and could not wait to get into her uniform and rush off to "kindy school"

she looks so grown up i can barely stand it. wahhhhh.

me and my favourite little girl

with mummy and daddy and raring to go

and getting a little nervous... but daddy was there to reassure her

she and joseph have spent every day together for so long that i thought he would be a little more upset at her disappearance but he took it well and was fairly calm all day.

her school bag that's almost as big as her hahaha

we all took her to school to drop her off and she was a little rockstar... she ran in, said hello and go straight into the activities, chatted to the other kids and didn't bat an eyelid when i said it was time for us to go. then when we picked here up she was full of stories about her class, classmates and her wonderful teacher, miss wheeler. we are so excited for her and what this year will bring. 

go little kindy girl! the world is yours for the taking!


  1. Your big girl looks beautiful in her school uniform!

    1. Thank you! She is so in love with it, she wants to wear it every day. haha