Saturday, February 20, 2016

josephs racing car party

we had a birthday party today for this gorgeous little boy... because joseph is two, today! we decided to give him a racing car themed party because he loves, loves, loves cars. he was so happy to see all the things we had set up for him and wore a face of pure glee for the entire party.

my best friend jen stepped in as always and made this beautiful cake for joseph. a chocolate ganache icing and a checkered flag inside. super cool! how lucky am i? not only did it look amazing, but it tasted great too.

our take home gift for the kiddies was a pack from kmart, masking tape printed with a road and a little mini pullback and go car, with a balloon popped in, plus a little checkered flag. they were so cute and an absolute steal at just $2 each. all i had to do was remove the kmart paper liner, pop in the balloon and whack on a sticker that we got at the local cheap store. 

i was super lucky too, a friend had a cars party for her son last year and was going to sell all the decor from his party, but happily passed it on to me... she had thought of everything, gone pretty black and white checkered crazy and had even bought large inflatable tyres to play with.

it was a perfect afternoon, a little warm, but not so hot that we couldn't sit outside and enjoy the backywrd... and there was even a nice wind to keep my checkered bunting moving about.

look at that sweet face. he was absolutely loving the attention and having so many people he loves about the place.

we had some pretty excellent party food ready and waiting to be eaten... thankfully my beautiful mum had come to help me prepare (she is the best)

like these "traffic light" brownies. so simple, but so cute!

yummm. kids party food is the best!

and my first attempt ever of making jelly slice, which was a raging success and i was so happy! it was really yum too... you should try it and you can find the recipe here. you could make any colour too but i was loving all the red with the black and white.

we of course had a round of pass the parcel and joseph was so excited as you can see, he just kept clapping his hands and laughing. what a cutie. i don't think he even knew exactly what was so exciting, but he was excited!

but his face when we lit his candles and everyone sang to him was priceless. he was so happy and kept smiling so much that it was almost as though we had rehearsed it with him. i will never forget that look of pure joy he was wearing. 

and i am in love with this photo of us helping blow out the candles, with madeline poking her little head through a gap at the back to get in on the action. what a little doll. i just love how much she loves us all, especially joseph. 

we had such an awesome time with family and friends and feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. joseph was especially spoiled with some wonderful gifts. ♥

but the most wonderful bit was knowing that all our kids birthdays from here on in will be complete, with both sets of grandparents here in perth with us. i love knowing that madeline and joseph have them so close. what lucky children they are.

happy birthday baby boy! ♥

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