Thursday, February 4, 2016

high tea for dom

there's no need to find an excuse for high tea, but thankfully we had an awesome one yesterday, my practically sister dominique (not the actual sister in law, this is the other dominique, dom pinker i speak of) turned thirty on tuesday. woop woop raise the roof, now let's go out and drink bucketloads of tea and eat fancy food at the best cafe i know... maddison cottage in guildford.

i love this place! it's the third time i have been there for high tea.. and my goodness they do not disappoint. if you haven't been there ever, make sure you check it out... a-maz-ing and well worth the $34 m-f pricetag

here's my domdom looking all fancy eating cucumber sandwiches and stuff hahahah

and posing with her mama out the front of the cafe

and all us ladies together...

and us being us, being us, because to be perfectly honest, being normal just isn't an option when it comes to dom and i.

happy 30th birthday you frigging weirdo! i love you to death and am so glad that we are besties! xxx

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