Sunday, February 7, 2016

this sunday

does this mean i was on the right path today? i had one of those awfully difficult days when having kids all seems a little bit too hard. we went off to church as usual and joseph started to yell when they passed the sacrament and did not stop. eventually i took him out as it got louder and louder, but as he wouldn't calm down, i missed the rest of the meeting. and sunday school because he went ballistic when he realised i had left him in nursery and all but the last 20 minutes of relief society when doug took over. sigh. the bit i did get was amazing though, i can't wait to have some time to myself and read through the lesson (it was chapter 3 of the teachings of the president: howard w. hunter manual, adversity- part of god's plan for our eternal progress) i am so glad for sundays. even when it seems hard... it's the best place to be, because everything i hear, seems to be what i need to hear.

and look at these kids! seriously. who could be angry for more than 20 minutes anyway... they are even prettier when they are asleep hahahaha.

someone asked me last week why i take a photo of my children every sunday... it started because dougs parents and my brothers all lived so far away, then mum and dad went on their mission, then dominique went on hers and kept asking me to send photos of the kids and it just kept going... it's so fun to look back on the pics of them all dressed up though. one thing is for sure, we will never be lacking photos of these kids, not with how snap happy their mother is!

happy sunday my friends! xx

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