Saturday, February 27, 2016

dannii's having a baby!!

our dannii is glowing,
her bump is now showing,
a person she's growing,
to her shower you're going!

you could not, would not, 
want to miss...
a celebration such as this!

today i had the absolute pleasure of throwing a baby shower for my beautiful friend dannielle. i feel so blessed to have her in my life and i am so excited for her little boy to arrive... it was such a fun day and i was thrilled to be a part of it.

she decided she wanted a dr. suess theme which was so fun to decorate for... lots of pale blue, white and red poms (which we fluffed last time we visited bunbury whilst watching old episodes of friends - a typical hang out activity for us...) and really cute bits and pieces i managed to pick up around the place. i was obsessed with the serviettes with little clouds on them seeing as her favourite dr suess book is "oh the places you'll go" and they fitted the theme perfectly. i also made cupcakes with blue fairy floss on top in the hopes of them looking like thing 1 and thing 2... i thought they looked awesome, but warning if you try this at home, the fairy floss does not last long... it melts!

some of baby w's present stash along with the cat in the hat that dannii's step mum made for her classroom (yep she was a teacher up until baby w decided to join them)

and some more of our decs!

drinks were cherry and fruit punch koolaid kindly supplied by a friend that was back over christmas from the u.s. don't let those violent colours fool you, they were surprisingly good and fitted our theme perfectly.

a few simple games to top it off, guess how many clouds were in the jars with a lovely poem written up by cody the night before, easy done...

and "my water broke" which is also easy as... freeze jelly babies in ice cube trays... give everyone one in their drink and the first person to have their "baby" break free from the ice (without putting it in their mouth) yells my water broke and is the winner. so fun. 

dannii was so thrilled with all her gifts and i was blown away at the generosity of her friends and family, baby williams is certainly going to be very loved. 

it was a lovely afternoon and i was so thrilled at how many people were there for her

checking out the haul afterwards! :)


i was especially lucky because dannielle knows how obsessed i am with snapping pictures and let me get some of her once the party was over... i especially love this one of her with the book that inspired the party!

she is looking so beautiful and i love her bump ♥

i can hardly wait to see that little person she is growing, im so excited!


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