Wednesday, February 17, 2016

cafe twotwentyfour

oh my word. i have found a new favourite cafe. i have seen picture after picture from a new cafe that opened in belmont during october last year (opposite the forum, on the edge of the cinema carpark) cafe twotwentyfour. their milkshakes are all beautifully decorated with cream, syrup and chocolate on the plate and just looked absolutely delicious!

my friend dominique and i decided to check it out today and i was not even a little disappointed. the shakes were $9 each and i think well worth it... they were so yum! i had the snickers one and it was just the right mix of peanut to chocolate, to take the sweet edge off. yum! 

i will so be back for more, we didn't have lunch, just shakes, but watching all the meals come out i was so keen to get one... they looked amazing! there was also plenty of fresh juice options on the menu and an epic array of raw and vegan treat on offer. looks like it will have to become a place we visit pretty regularly. 

staff were great, drinks were perfect. hooray for cafe two twenty four.

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