Sunday, February 21, 2016

2 years old ❤️

i can't believe it, but somehow i woke up yesterday and this adorable little blonde haired, blue eyed boy with possibly the sweetest face you've ever seen got older yet again and now he is two years old! and getting cuter by the day...

he woke up to these presents on the table and was so thrilled to see they were all for him that he made quick work of climbing onto a chair and getting in to them. 

i loved watching his face light up as he opened them and saw what was inside, squealing with delight. i love how excited he gets.

this month he cut his other two molars and some nights were not very fun, because he would wake up very upset and make sure i knew all about it. some panadol and teething gel seemed to help (sometimes...) he was obsessed with a fold out book that he got from a friend of ours for his first christmas called "my big fold out book of things that go." it's full of tractors and planes and trucks and he just loved it. it was pulled out day after day until it fell to pieces (and we are still looking for a replacement copy) he even said tractor and digger one day when we were looking at it which was a real feat as he still doesn't have a great deal to say. i know he'll get there, but he just doesn't seem to be keen on talking and makes his point in other ways. it's all about the trucks and cars for sure, when we see a ute, truck.... anything on the road he squeals and points to it and always has to have something with wheels in his hands or around about him as he plays. it's so cute that you can tell what kids love even at such a young age.

he is loving the wiggles song and does the finger wave every time he hears it... and even more so twinkle twinkle. i think i have heard him humming the tune as he totters about the place at least 5 times a day. madeline started school this month and he gets so excited looking around her classroom when we drop her off and again at the end of the day when she comes rushing out to us. i love that they love each other so much even though sometimes it means i have to listen to them squabbling. he loves to love and makes a big deal of smooching me on the cheek loudly when he is in the mood and will do it over and over. i just can't get enough of his cuddles. 

i can't believe he is two... and that he is all mine ♥

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