Thursday, January 28, 2016

temple enrichment evening

tonight was my first enrichment evening since being called to relief society a few weeks ago. we had a temple evening and it was wonderful! 

with an emphasis on the temple and the blessings that can be found within its, we had three classes set up: 1. a family search class to teach those attending more about preparing family names to take to the temple 2. making "temple rocky road" (white chocolate rocky road) 3. making foil temple pictures for our homes (i have made these in the past and actually taught this class, to make your own and see what i'm actually talking about, check out the tutorial from a girly craft night a few years back here)

we also watched my favourite mormon message called "temples are a beacon" which is an absolute must see, (you can watch it here) it tells of a family in a remote polynesian island who saved for years to take their family to be sealed in the hamilton temple. it spoke to me especially because it is the temple in which my parents and both sets of my grandparents were sealed and dougs sister is now serving in the visitors centre of. 

when madeline was a small baby, we went to new zealand to attend the unveiling of dougs grandparents grave and while we were there i insisted we had to drive to hamilton to see the temple. my own parents drove across australia in the heat of summer, with my two oldest brothers who were 2 & 4 at the time, in an car with no air conditioning... they then flew to new zealand and drove up to hamilton. the minute i arrived at the temple, all i could think of was the sacrifice my parents had made for all of us and how grateful i am to be part of an eternal family.

the evening was a success, with myself and two other sisters in the ward also speaking of our love for the temple. i am so grateful for the temple and know that no blessings on earth can compare to those found within its walls. ♥

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