Friday, January 15, 2016

sometimes it's really hard

i really tried to be kind, i tried so hard... and this week i saw red, let my mouth go and said something i regretted instantly, to someone i needed to try really hard with, who i fear i may have ruined things with. although i apologised quickly and very genuinely, i know that's the awful thing about words, once they are said, there is absolutely nothing you can do to take them back and you have to live with the consequences,

i truly felt genuine sorrow for what i did and stressed endlessly (and even cried somewhat about it) and although i know i'm okay and past it now, i really felt like i learned a lesson in all of this. i made a promise to be kind and now i know the grief that comes from not trying my hardest, i feel like i can try again and try harder.

"three things there are that will never come back, the arrow shot forth on its destined track, the appointed hour that could not wait, and the helpful (in my case, apologetic) word that was spoken too late"

kindess begins with me

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