Friday, January 1, 2016

nye - laters 2015

well, another year has come and gone... and 2016 is already here knocking on our front doors! seems like just yesterday we were welcoming in the last one... eep! last night we were invited to a very kid friendly new years eve celebration at our friends house and these two monkeys loved every second. there was absolutely no stopping them and they partied hard, well into the night, not stopping until we finally got home at 12:45am and i popped them in their beds.

we had a pot luck dinner first... followed by cheesecake by me (recipe to come soon... stay tuned) while the kids played and watched a movie, and the adults jammed out song after song in the lounge room thanks to stella's karaoke machine. what a night!

madeline and cooper

we had a great night and were so glad to be able to spend it with the kids having so much fun... here's hoping this year brings some wonderful things along with it. 

happy 2016! ♥

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