Wednesday, January 20, 2016

joseph is 23 months

cheeeeeeeeeeeese! i am 23 months now mum mum mum! only one more month until i'm 2! i still cannot get over how fast these past 2 years have gone, yet here i am, planning a little birthday party for this cutie! 

this month our joseph decided he had a hat obsession and spent most mornings collecting up his favourites from daddy's wardrobe, lining them up on the bed and then modelling them for me one by one. 

he got a 4 wheeler motorbike from his grandparents (dougs parents) for christmas and he loves the noise making buttons and scooting through the house at top speed.

joseph learnt (and quickly mastered) how to open doors and has made quite the game out of wandering into the kitchen everytime he is hungry and opening the pantry door (and still, as he has the last few months, the fridge door) to see what's on offer.

he cut three of his 2 year old molars and kept waking up on cue every night at 10pm to remind me something was wrong, silly mummy couldn't work out what it was until i did some investigating one night... ouchie!

andddddd, he made one attempt at climbing out of his cot and fell down smack on his bum... i think it was enough to put him off as he hasn't given it another try...

he and maddie love to play together (most of the time...) and i love to hear them laugh. i am so so lucky to be their mum. ♥

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