Monday, January 11, 2016

"camping" in clackline

what a weekend to decide to visit my parents in clackline! we have had weeks on end with no relief of scorching hot weather and on saturday while we were in up there, a huge sudden storm hit and made quite the impression on the area.

there was more than 30mm of heavy torrential rain over a period of under two hours, that seemed to come out of nowhere, accompanied by thunder and lightning and seemed as though it would never stop, then as quickly as it began, it was over!

it did however sill the creek beds so quickly that in some places the water rushed over the banks looking for somewhere to go... and over the entry to the spencers brook road it went! it was probably around a foot deep flowing over the road and oh was it a sighe to see. in all my years of living in clackline, i'd never seen anything quite like it!

doug and the kids had been swimming in the pool at jen and mat's place when the storm came on (again, it had been incredibly hot!!) and when we hauled them out and took them inside to dry off...

amongst the waterworks, thunder and lightning going on outside, they then started inside from one madeline kendall who was hysterical, worried that her nanna and grandad would not be safe with the storm going on. aunty jenny made some fairy bread and poured some chocolate milk which seemed to ease the pain a little, but she was well and truly worried!

one of my favourite places in the world, the old railway line that runs along the road below my parents house.

and rightly so! their power went off just after the storm and was not restored until almost 48 hours later! i had orginally planned to stay until tuesday morning with the kids, but when sunday night came and they were still without power, we elected to head back to perth to air conditioning and other comforts...

we did have a lovely time while we were there though and joked about "camping" there seeing as we were without power the whole time we actually did stay. you'd never know it though, my parents just know how to make it all work.

the property is beautiful regardless, i always feel so lucky to have grown up there!

madeline having a drive up "the bumpy road" on daddys lap

and joseph discovering grandads boots and tools

i am looking forward to our next visit, hopefully they'll have some lights next time around! 

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