Sunday, January 17, 2016

church in bunno

church in bunbury was quite the event... with my children finally being used to morning church again, the trip just completely threw joseph as he was more than ready for a long nap before church even started. madeline was happy to sit with her dad and cuddle, which was ruined by him having to take joseph out and put him to sleep. oh kids...

we got to listen to one of the most amazing talks though, a girl i know had just returned from the jakarta, indonesia mission and by chance was giving her homecoming talk the day we happened to be in bunbury for the weekend and at her ward, even funnier as there are two to choose from.

it left such an impression on me, as she spoke of points relating to their mission theme that i even emailed her later that day to ask for the theme written down. she gave an incredible recount of her mission and some wonderful stories of great faith.

obedience is the price
faith is the power
work is the committment
love is the motive
the spirit is the key
christ is the reason

what a wonderful day to happen to attend her ward! i am so grateful constantly for the sacrifice made by the missionaries of our church, what wonderful blessings come to them and to their families from their service ♥

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