Monday, January 18, 2016


this morning we went off to have some fun at the bunbury bowling alley with dannii and cody and the kidlets. we had the best time, with lots of fun and laughs and some excellent bowling from our preggo friend dannielle, who put us all to shame and beat the lot of us! what a legend.

i have to say, this girl has got sass, she loved every minute of it and leapt up when it was her turn, eager to push the ball with daddy's help.

considering maddie is four years old... she did pretty well, even if we did leave the bumpers up and had the ramp ready for her to push little yellow ball off of. we will definitely have to make this a more regular occurrence as she got so into it.

with her little yellow ball," it looks like a dinosaur egg mummy!"

and the cutest part of our day, young master joseph, who sat in his highchair next to the chairs on one side of our lane, simply observing and keeping an eye on things. he is the cutest. that sweet little face makes me so happy... ♥ thank goodness he was happy to be there too.

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