Sunday, January 17, 2016

beaching in bunbury

as a kid, i always remember fondly holidaying in bunbury and staying with my aunt and uncle and cousins... and most of all, endless trips to the beach... that will be funny to anyone that knows me well, as in my adult years, i've not been the biggest fan as i am so super sensitive to the sun and burn at the drop of a hat (haha i am funny aren't i. look at that awesome pun!)

it makes me happy to know that my kids can now have the bunbury experience too, as our friends cody and dannielle have moved to eaton (just the other side to where we would stay) and we can visit any time we please! yay! they were in karratha until a few weeks ago and we are beyond thrilled to have them back in driving distance. this will definitely be a regular thing! hello long weekends :)

this morning before church we took the kids (and their dogs) to the beach for a bit of a run around. madeline loved every second of it and i loved to watch her! i really need to take my white skin to the beach more often... it makes every one so happy!

maddie and her new friend millie, she has learned to love dogs in recent months, which is so nice to see, she was bowled over by an excited dog when she was smaller and was petrified of them for years. she explained to me this morning though, "oh i am okay now mummy, i like dogs now, just not the excited ones!" hahaha

the boys and marley, just watching the waves come in

and doug and baby j. he wasn't so sure about the beach, but he loved holding daddys hand tightly as he walked around taking it all in. most observant our boy!

i am loving bunbury! can't wait for the next visit ♥

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