Friday, December 25, 2015

the most wonderful time of the year...

i love christmas! i love pretty festive tables and decorated houses and just the vibe that is in the air as we go about our normal schedules... knowing that christmas isn't far away... and now it's here!

the kids woke up this morning, joseph calling us to lift him out of his bed as maddie raced excitedly through the house exclaiming over the gifts under the tree... and the new bike parked behind mum and dad's bed!! after breakfast we retired to the lounge to open gifts and as usual the kids were loved rotten...

hats and copious amounts of toy cars were amongst our joseph's favourite gifts...

while maddie lost her mind over this pineapple cup that daddy had bought for her...

joseph also loved his new basketball set from poppy and grandma

and madeline's absolute favourite gift was her "raphael ninja turtle" costume which even had a hard shell! best present ever, well done poppy and grandma.

the absolute highlight of my dad was when dominique aka sister kendall skyped us from new zealand where she is serving her mission. she was so happy to see us and we loved having a chance to catch up... we are proud of her and her dedication to serve the lord.

my mum and dad at lunch

madeline and poppy with their crackers at lunch, what a gorgeous face... she is laughing at one of the lamest jokes ever... how do snowmen get around? on their icicles!

after lunch and skype and relaxing we headed off to my brother jareds house for dinner... where more craziness ensued... ben and doug had a field day with the cracker toys, deciding that the mini combs they got were much better suited to their eyebrows and beards. hahahaha.

grace and i chilling out... (please note the beautiful grecian crown i got from mum for christmas)

and my beautiful boy. i could look at that face for hours ♥

my favourite photo of the day... just makes me laugh every time i see it, 5 of the 8 goodlet grandchildren (laura is in the u.s. with friends for christmas, jared david had other plans and jonas is of course with his parents in brisbane) number 9, another for aaron and katja is due in just a week and we are so excited! 

and me with my love

christmas is indeed my favourite and fills me with such joy. i am so grateful to celebrate the birth of the saviour each year with family! it really is...

the most wonderful time of the year

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