Saturday, December 12, 2015

ellenbrook ward christmas party

tonight we had our ward christmas party at the chapel... it was an excellent night, organised by the young single adults from the ward, entitled "the night before christmas"

they had the stage set up as a family room, which looked amazing, but the evening made me so happy, as one of my fondest memories as child was sitting on the back verandah of my parents house one christmas eve, holding candles, reading the christmas story in luke chapter 2 and singing the carols from the hymn book... and that's exactly what we did tonight. plus, for added fun, we all had to wear our pyjamas. hahaha.

we're having fun, we swear... well i did! it was a night full of lovely memories for me.

our kids had an awesome time too, i barely saw maddie the whole night (a little disappointing seeing as she was dressed in the most adorable hello kitty onesie suit and i didn't even manage to snap a picture) and joseph spent much of the night in theron and emily's laps. so cute!

christmas is coming... and i am so excited!!

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