Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ed sheeran does perth

last night my friend dom called me and asked me if i was going to be busy tomorrow night (tonight)... i was like uhhhh nope, putting my kids to bed? then, she proceeded to offer me her spare ticket to see ed sheeran live in concert. um, well, who would say no to that?! so off we went. i can honestly say i was completely blown away! i have always liked his music, but i was expecting him to have a band backing him up, or least a drummer, but he had nothing! he is a complete one man show! turns out he creates the entire backing for every song by setting it up at the beginning, recording a beat by hitting his guitar, backing vocals and any extra guitar riffs he may need with a loop station at his feet. amazing!

i have never been so impressed with a concert in my life. for a better explanation, check out this article here... but he absolutely blew me away with his show. it was the most incredible night too, had been an awfully hot day, that ended with the most gorgeous sunset as the pre-show was on. it became lovely and cool... and then started to rain, but no one minded, even those on the grounds in standing room.

he played heaps of stuff, even rapped a few songs and ended with a stripped version of his first hit single "a team", with a sea of mobile phone lights in the crowd. 2 encores later it was time to make our way home...

we love ed!

i have to admit though, when dom first called me i was more excited about the pre-show, one of my favourite bands rudimental was touring with ed and i was stoked beyond belief to see them live. their set was incredible, full of energy and great to listen to. so happy to have seen them live, and look at that view! i couldn't stop thinking about how crazy lucky we are to live here in perth. great one day, perfect the next.

ahhhhhh rudimental ♥

and of course, just because we can... maccas all day breakfast on the way home. yummmmmmmm. hotcakes never tasted so good (at 11:30 hahaha)

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