Saturday, December 26, 2015

boxing day sales

at christmas dinner at my brothers house last night, doug mentioned how badly he wanted to check out the boxing day sales... and my niece grace almost fell off her chair with glee... i mean really, what could possibly be more exciting to a 12 year old female than the prospect of all day shopping with newly acquired christmas money, accompanied by someone other than your parents, who clearly is not going to patrol what you buy? absolutely nothing! so miss grace jumped in our car and this morning we headed off to joondalup to check out what was on offer.

to be perfectly honest, although there was lots of bargains to be had, i didn't really get anything too exciting. doug got some shoes and tshirts, grace nabbed some cute clothes and a diary... it was a fun day though, fighting the crowds, chilling with my little family...

and dealing with the hulk. haha

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