Monday, December 14, 2015

birthday love!

well december brings many activities and traditions and christmas... but it also brings my birthday, which was today! i had an uneventful day home with my babies, but come this evening, i was treated to burgers at grilld and dessert at ben and jerrys from my in'laws. best night out!

i haven't been to hillary's boat harbour for ages and it was beautiful, all decorated and sparkling for christmas, with every one so relaxed, clearly getting into holiday mode, enjoying perth summer (which i might add is ridiculously cold most nights still and i am loving it)

doug bought me some gorgeous coloured roses from the kids... and some pandora, good man, knows the way to a womans heart...

we had a great night with the kids and dougs parents and snapped some adorable little shots of our tribe.

this years cake... icecream cones from ben and jerry's, salted caramel for me and mango for maddie, as you can see they don't make a kids size cone... hahaha

looks like being another year older won't be all that bad... i received so many messages and calls and so much love, i feel truly blessed!

and so with my birthday over, the christmas countdown continues, 11 days to go! :)

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