Sunday, December 20, 2015

22 months old...

please little man... stop growing! somehow 22 months have flown by and here we are again... only 2 more months until my baby is 2 and this mummy is devastated at the very thought of it.

finally young master joseph has learned that bedtime is not the devil and settles happily into his bed and goes off to sleep instead of screaming for hours... when i tell him it's "bedtime joseph!" he even runs off into his room and tries to climb up the bars of the cot to get himself into bed, waiting for his daddy or i to lift him in.

this month joseph learned to say grandma, (an-maaa) after he heard madeline yelling it at the shops when we were looking for dougs mum. he also made his other grandmother laugh hysterically when we were facetiming one morning and we paused to bless the breakfast and he turned to the phone, put his finger to his mouth and shooshed her. it was too funny.

he has finally mastered please (eeeeeeeeeeee) and ta (ahhhhhh), which makes me happy, good manners are important to me, even in young children!

he is still completely obsessed with his toy cars and when his supply ran low last week, i went around looking under furniture and managed to locate 12 of them in one hit... clearly he has a good time with them.

he is one of the cutest kids alive, i am certain of it... and we are so happy to have him in our home. ♥

one of the outtakes... what a cracker of a kid!

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