Sunday, November 15, 2015

sunday funday

oh sunday, my favourite day of the week... even if afternoon church is grinding on my nerves... haha. joseph is used to going to down to nap at the time church starts, so he is not really liking the time change, but on the bright side, we move back to mornings as of the first week in january anyway, so we really have got it good. maddie has fitted right into primary and is having the time of her life (especially since aunty dom happens to be in the primary presidency at our new ward haha) we have their primary presentation in 2 weeks as well, so she has the chance to redeem herself too! haha

this little monkey stayed awake for the whole of sacrament meeting and then even for some of sunday school before he crashed hard... in daddy's arms. it was the sweetest thing you have ever seen, watching doug carry him around, but every time he tried to put him down he would wake up, so that was how it had to be.

we are absolutely loving our new ward and are so grateful that people are making us feel welcome. looks like there's another plus on the moving house list 


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