Sunday, November 29, 2015

primary presentation 2015: take 2

"my name is madeline and i know my saviour loves me because he gave me a family who loves me and we can be together forever!" 

she did it! after suffering unnatural stage fright at the dianella presentation,this time around, maddie got up and bravely delivered her part for everyone to hear. we were so proud of our little girl.

i always miss having pictures with madeline (because i am always the one taking them...) but managed to get someone to snap one of the two of us today. so here is me and my little girl. ♥

oh how i love her! 

maddie has settled beautifully into primary at our new ward, especially since "aunty dom" is there to run to every sunday. we love this girl and how much she loves our kids!

and just because he is adorable... here is the cutest little boy i know! looking more and more like his namesake (my grandfather joseph) every single day. ♥ 

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