Saturday, November 21, 2015

lily is 4!

maddie's friend lily from our new ward had her birthday party today and her theme was to dress as a disney character. madeline wanted to be ariel from the little mermaid, and even tried to convince me to buy the character costume the other day when we were in toys r us to which i replied, "madeline, it's $50! do you have $50?" "no mummy, but you do!" i couldn't help but laugh. but i still wasn't spending that on a costume.

so i decided (after spying a cowboy hat in our friends house last week) that she could be jessie from toy story and proceeded to throw together an outfit with things we had around the house.
a flannel shirt that was in joseph's too big stored clothes, joseph's cow print bow tie, maddie's denim skirt and glittery shoes (seriously what is a costume without something that has glitter on it?) plus for bonus points... we had a toy bullseye that she carried under her arm for extra effect. total cost? nothing! boom!

maddie had a lovely time and enjoyed all the games and hanging out with the other kids. i always love taking her to kids parties, cause it reminds me how much fun i used to have at them.

lily's mum bec made this adorable cake with "ice" made from dyed white chocolate, with a elsa pop figure on the top. so cute! 

some of the party crew ♥

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