Sunday, November 8, 2015

jahvi's unveiling

yesterday our family was honoured to attend jahvis's unveiling party with all his friends and family. 

jahvis is my friends nephew, and two years ago, when he was just 6 years old, he passed away from leukemia. his father chris, is samoan and so keeping in their tradition, a year after a persons passing, their headstone on their grave is unveiled, as family and friends celebrate their life. in this case, his parents weren't ready when the year mark approached, so they took another year to prepare and the celebrations were amazing!

jahvis' mum serena and dad chris have both remarried and the four parents get along beautifully, they spoke together at the start of the night before we were treated to a huge dinner (including lots of delicious samoan food, doug was in heaven...) games and arts and crafts for the kids (including two giant bouncing castles outside) a photobooth (that's where i came in!) a photo tribute... and heaps of dances. what an amazing day!


there were so many people working together to make sure the day ran smoothly, including those who helped to decorate and serve the food, not one thing was left undone! it all ran so smoothly and was absolutely perfect.

jahvi's mum serena and her husband mark hamming it up in the photobooth

jahvi's dad chris and older sister kavana (above)
and (below) with his wife francine

at the end of the evening, everyone at the party was asked to join hands and move together in a giant circle to one of jahvi's favourite songs and then dance altogether. jahvi loved, more than anything else, to dance and i know it would have made him so happy to see so many people he loved, and who loved him, happy together, celebrating his life, instead of being sad that he wasn't with us. there was so much love in that room and i felt so happy to be there, being able to capture those moments for his family. i loved it. ♥ thank you to serena + mark and chris + zina for letting me be a part of jahvi's big day. xx


and two more pictures of good luck, mel and aitu's little girl ngawai was part of a hula group to honour her cousin and i cannot keep this picture to myself. isn't she just a doll?!

and of course... my boys in the photo booth. how i love them both ♥
(maddie was m.i.a. on the bouncing castle for hours, which is why i do not have a single picture of her to share... she had the time of her life!)

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