Sunday, November 1, 2015


i must admit i have always been a little but of a halloween scrooge. i always feel like it's an american thing and have never really gotten too excited about it except for when we had american friends living in australia that threw a party each year. this year though miss madeline had her heart set on doing something for halloween, so when we got home from the show, she dressed up in her ballerina dress (she insisted she wanted to be a ballerina, not something scary thank goodness!) and we went trick or treating in our neighbourhood. we went to about 5 houses (here if people want to participate they decorate out the front of their house so you can tell...) and that seemed to be enough for her so off we went home again.

our new neighbourhood seems to be right into it though, there were some houses that had some mad decorations, including one that was a fully decked out haunted house maze, and they had blocked off the entire street! i wish i had have managed to get a picture of our street, there were children everywhere for hours!! the park was full, there was so much noise and there was even a haunted carriage tour, a horse drawn wagon full of kids that was picking up and collecting from the park across the road! the horses were painted with bones on their coats, the girls driving had costumes and their faces painted as sugar skulls and it looked amazing! i assume they were taking the kids to all the awesome local houses... what a cool neighbourhood to live in! i am feeling very inspired for next year.

maddie's favourite bit though was definitely answering the door when people knocked on it. we didn't have decorations but we got the occasional knock. she would race to the door and tell each of the kids she loved their costumes before she gave them chocolate... and when we ran out she was even more excited telling them that it was all gone. weird kid.

oh well. here's to next year. i will be prepared!  

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