Thursday, November 26, 2015

giving thanks 2015

thanksiving 2015 started with me finding this perfect quote online. honestly, i could not have said it better if i had tried. it's really what life is about. give thanks and take nothing for granted,

so the thing i am most grateful for, is certainly my family, especially my husband and these monkeys that were "playing sleeping" in my bed while i got ready this morning. i love them both madly!

we were invited to thanksgiving dinner at our friends (the pinkers, who else) and our invitation requested formal dress, so we were careful to appear dressed to the nines for the most delicious traditional dinner, turkey and all of the sides! 

joseph and madeline enjoyed themselves as always, behaving like they own the place, because let's be honest they pretty much do... as they were doted on endlessly by their aunties and uncles (one of those families that one makes for oneself...)

it was an amazing night and we were truly filled, with thanks, love and food!

this girl. i love how girly she is. pants? what are they! and those pearls. oh my ♥

my contributions for the evening were cauliflower cheese and trifle (thanks mum and grandma for the recipes) and the pumpkin pie below... i even made my own crust this year and it worked beautifully... and it was easy phew!... i was thrilled! check out the recipe here.

so happy thanksgiving to you all! xx

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