Wednesday, November 11, 2015

free to choose

there's been some big changes in my family recently and sometimes change is hard to deal with, especially when you don't agree with decisions that are being made. it's been a rough few weeks for me trying to take it all in and stand by watching, and not try and force my opinions if what "should be done" on them. but as i have watched things unfold, a scripture from moses 3:17 has been on repeat in my mind, "nevertheless thou mayest choose for thyself"

god has given us our lives, our freedom and our agency, to allow us to choose our own path as we desire. we chose to come to earth and make our way back to our father in heaven, to be tried and tested along the way. i know that my family can be together forever and i have faith that one day it will be so, but as we continue our life on this earth... i will continue to pray that all of our paths will lead us back to him.

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