Sunday, November 22, 2015

21 months of joseph

what's that? another month down? um excuse me father time, can you slow down a little please? i would really appreciate it. our little joseph is at such a cute age and i want it to last as long as possible. 

he is still not a fan of bedtime, but he is getting there... the last few nights have been looking promising so let's keep our fingers crossed. he loves to pounce on unattended shoes and clop through the house and smile at any spectators as he does so. his current food obsession is watermelon pieces (i mean seriously, who could blame him, he obviously got that from his mama and his nanna!)

he is a little speedster and has perfected zooming through the house on madeline's little pink trike, the speed at which he takes the corners actually frightens me a little, i really need to make a video! when he wants to be cuddled, he loves to cuddle, especially first thing in the morning when he is busy watching his favourite show, "dinosaur train". he is trying to copy most of the words we shoot at him nowadays, but often misses the first syllable, meaning we get things such as um (mum) and ad (dad) even though he has got those two perfect more often than not.

when daddy comes home from work, he drops whatever he is doing and rushes for him smiling, with his hands in the air, wanting to be picked up and tickled. it's the cutest thing ever!when he is excited or sees something new he says: oooooooooooh! and... he hates to have his hair washed. let's hope that ends soon, cause it's getting old, very quickly!

he is certainly growing up, but for now he is my baby... and i am willing him to stay that way. ♥

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