Sunday, October 25, 2015

welcome to ellenbrook ward!

we had out first day at our new ward today... everyone was so lovely and very welcoming and we discovered some old friends as well as making some new ones. we are so happy to be there and now we are going to love it here. joseph did not have a good day... he obviously didn't sleep very well, grumped around all morning, threw things everywhere and even lost some things out of doug's wallet that we still haven't located. then he screamed for the entire sacrament meeting... only to fall asleep in the pram the minute it was over and sleep for the rest of church. little dag. lucky he is so completely adorable or i would be furious with him!

madeline went straight into primary happy as a lark and loved it straight away. she told me on the way home, mummy i love my new primary and told me about her new friends (both of whom happened to be daughters of girls i know, so that was nice...) there was also a nice man who hasn't been a member all that long, who meets the children at the door of the primary room and hands out lollies. no wonder she likes it here!

we even got invited to someones house for dinner... and had a lovely time. as you can see the kids were happy as can be at bed time, so i took the chance to get a few pics with joseph (i am always taking them and never seem to actually be in them) and as soon as madeline saw, she wanted to get in on the action... fine by me! any excuse for a cuddle with my big girl! i known one day soon she is going to be too big for cuddles with mum so i take every chance i can.

here's to sundays, my favourite day of the week! ♥

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