Tuesday, October 27, 2015

my new old cupboard

a few years ago i was driving home and went past a beat up old cupboard on the side of the road not far from our old house. i quickly called a friend with a ute and begged him to come and help me collect it so i could take it home and put it in the garage. he thankfully did and it remained there until a few weeks ago when we moved and my parents took it home to begin the restoration process.

i have put the pictures of  it looking lovely up first, but it was so so so beat up. the tin side which is now chalk board was almost completely off, dad had to reattach it before mum could paint it for me... there were paint stains all over the door inside and out, more than half the shelving was missing, the door was terribly hard to close once it was open because it's so heavy that it buckled the cupboard as it opened... and the paint job was cracked, peeling and looking like crap.

but yet again my dad undertook a job he really didn't want to do, all because i asked. he reinforced the cupboard to make it stronger, he painted the inside, replaced the shelving, painted it, fixed the hinges, fixed the door and then delivered it back to me. what a legend. i am completely in love with it and can't wait to fill it up, with my kitchen things... i have attached some pics below so you can see just how bad it was and some of the process... i love my dad! he truly is the best. thank you! xxx

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