Tuesday, October 20, 2015

joseph is twenty months

is it really that time again? another month has passed? well our little man is now 20 months old and getting into all kinds of mischief! he is obsessed with splashing in the fountain and throwing the pebbles into it, even though it makes his daddy angry, which makes him giggle even more. he has finally worked out the toddle bike that madeline used to ride and is scooting furiously up and down the backyard much to maddie's glee now that he can keep up with her. 

if something frightens him, he comes rushing to me calling, "mama mama mama!!" it is so adorable. i was nearby when he accidentally turned on the dryer the other day playing with the buttons and he quickly rushed off to me calling me. i love hearing his little voice and i am hoping he learns more words soon... he learned to say emma this month and everyone thought it was his cousin emma, but it was actually from watching the wiggles mini show emma, maddie used to sing the song over and over and over e-mm-a emma! e-mm-a emma! until one day he just her off and screamed emma himself as if to shoosh her. hilarious. 

he still loves his toy cars and everywhere we go he seems to have at least one wedged in his hands, more if he can manage it. he loves all his toys though and when he wakes up in the morning if there is nothing waiting to lift him out of his cot, he reaches over the end to grab the toys that are there and plays with them in his cot for a while. 

he is such a bundle of fun and energy, running everywhere and is so very rarely still. we love him so much and so glad he is ours ♥

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