Sunday, October 11, 2015

general conference october 2015

i love general conference. i love that we have the opportunity to hear the words of the lord directly from his prophet and apostles here on the earth. i love to hear their stories and feel of their love for the lord and for those who are listening to their words.

it occured to me this year when i saw this picture exactly how old some of these men are. it amazes me how young some of them were when they were called to serve in the position of a general authority, and that for some of them, that means they have spent the majority of their lives in the service of lord. their dedication is amazing. how blessed we are to have our church led by such wonderful men. i love to hear them speak, especially our dear prophet.

i think, however that my favourite part of conference weekend (even though we watch it a week later in australia) is seeing my facebook and instagram feeds flooded with quotes, stories, talks and photographs from the conference. i love it. it makes my aimless scrolling a little less aimless and a little more inspired.

this though was the best. thank you elder nelson! i'll be quoting that to doug at every possible occasion.

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