Sunday, October 18, 2015

dianella primary presentation 2015

today was madeline's first primary presentation! we technically moved out of the ward a month ago, but our bishop gave us permission to keep coming until it was over, so she could be with her friends, plus i felt mean ripping her out so close to it, when each ward has a few songs of their own.

she sang beautifully, but we did run into a little bit of trouble... when we went to practice yesterday, she suddenly decided she was frightened of the microphone and cried and cried and cried when they asked her to say her part. it was awful! we coached and coaxed her all afternoon, then she woke up and cried again and said she didn't want to do it. so we recited her part all the way to church, where she finally said she would do it if sister tash held her hand... but it wasn't to be. she got stage fright and went back to her seat without doing it. but it doesn't matter. it is only the first of many and i am sure next time she will be ready.

madeline and her best friend leiara. we are so sad to be leaving her and her lovely family behind as we go off to ellenbrook ward next week. they love each other so much, so we are going to have to make sure they still see each other just as much.

leiara, madeline and leigh, the three amigos.

madeline and her friend faith... faith is one of the senior primary girls and maddie just adores her, when madeline suddenly became uncharacteristically shy, faith was happy to hold her hand, sit with her and make her smile. it was lovely to see the friendship they have and i know we will miss her very much too!

after church madeline went into the chapel with faith and went up to the pulpit and gleefully delivered her line to an empty chapel hahaha "my name is madeline and the holy ghost is my special friend!" what a crack up. fingers crossed that in 5 weeks time at her new ward (we have just found out their primary presentation hasn't happened yet...) she will be happy to get up and say her line. plus aunty dom is in the primary presidency, so that should help!

and this little boy? oh he is the light of my life. he is so adorable isn't he? look at that sweet smile!

we had the best day and this guy here and i loved seeing our little girl smiling. uncle isaac even joined us at church (for the first time in years i might add!) which added to our day. can't wait for the next one! 

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