Thursday, October 22, 2015

clackline day trip

it was my dad's birthday yesterday so i took the kids up to visit for the day... i always love going to clackline, there's just something about going home. madeline loves the same things i loved when i was a kid... running around the verandahs, looking at everything and "driving" up the gravel roads. (on someone's lap of course).  i'm so glad that my children have the chance to be country kids, even though we aren't living there.

i especially love the old lion monument... watching her climb up and down it all by herself is adorable... in her ninja turtle shirt that my mum bought for her.

(side note, this girls is obsessed with the ninja turtles. she has a baby doll that she has named raphael the ninja turtle. not just raphael, you have to say raphael the ninja turtle, that she takes everywhere. to the shops, to church, to bed... it is the funniest! i love hearing her introduce him to people. this is my baby her name is raphael, raphael the ninja turtle.hahahaha)

joseph also had a hair cut while we were visiting nanna... he has been okay every other time, but this time he was completely unimpressed and screamed his face off the entire time mum was trying to cut. in the end she gave up, and he has a few pieces that are messy and all over the place, it looks a little like he went a few rounds with a lawn mower above his right ear.

poor love, i am just hoping he is not traumatised for life... otherwise we are going to not be enjoying ourselves during future hair cuts. i couldn't resist sharing this photo though, although he is so upset, he looks so darn cute!

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