Wednesday, September 9, 2015

zara is 3

on saturday our friends little girl zara had her third birthday and i was in heaven... it was a fairy party! my favourite. i of course had to get madeline into something gold and glittery with stars and wings. thank you jamie-lee, you completely made my day!

our little fairy girl ♥

there was a face painter and when madeline saw her face in the mirror she said (and this is a direct quote...) "i look beautiful!" yes little one, you do!

maddie and zara's cousin isaac, hanging out after they'd had their faces painted

and the birthday girl with her mummy and cake. such a sweet smiley girl, we love hanging out with her and her parents.

unwrapping her gift from us

miss zara showcasing her face painting, what a cutie ♥

and not to be left out, baby joseph twinning with his daddy

thanks for a lovely afternoon zara, happy birthday to you!

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