Sunday, September 20, 2015

nineteen months

again? wasn't it the 20th last week? this kid is growing up far too fast and it is frightening the heck out of me! 

he is completely toy car obsessed. he always has one (or two or three or even four, as many as he can fit!) clutched in his little hands and loves to drive them up and down any surface he can find, including my face! he is a real little boy, and loves dinosaurs and cars and making noise and getting dirty. we have only been at the new house for one day and he is already out the back at every opportunity possible throwing rocks into the fountain, splashing about in it, and running around like a mad man. he is definitely a boy. he also loves to make the brmmmmmmmm noises for his cars and clipclop noises for his little toy horse (bullseye from toy story)

he loves his cocoa pops for breakfast in the mornings and is that obsessed that one morning when i forgot to buckle him into his high chair (oops mum fail) and left the room for a minute with madeline in tow, he climbed out of his chair, down into the chair maddie had been sitting in and polished hers off too. crazy town! i nearly had a heart attack when i saw what he had done.

when we serve the food up, we call "joseph! prayers!" and he quickly pushes his arms together and squeezes his eyes shut (most of the time into a squint so he watch what we are doing) then waits patiently for us to say amen! before he gets into his food. adorable! 

he also loves to wave at people, he still doesn't say much, other than to yell and point to get what he wants, but as soon as you tell him "say bye joseph" he instantly breaks into a huge smile and waves madly as we walk away. 

cutest boy ever! ♥♥

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