Saturday, September 19, 2015

moving day!

i was told this morning that the only thing more stressful than moving is losing a loved one that you're really close to. i would believe that now. without a doubt. so anyone i know that has moved interstate, or even intercountry, you are my heroes! i was so emotional last night, not because i am sad to leave, but just that it's so overwhelming! and then of course had another cry when my brother jared turned up with the van and it all just felt so real! but the move is done, all our things are at the new house, and i am assuming that it will take us about the next 18 years to sort it all out. blerggggg.

i must admit the highlight of the day was watching my dad cut up the table isaac made me as a wedding gift (which was waterlogged from having no where out of the weather to store it) because we weren't able to pull it apart and it was bowed beyone repair! out with the chainsaw... let's solve this the country way!

i also now know it is true what they say, that you never know how much stuff you have until you have to move it all! oh my word, we had the truck full, sardined in until we couldn't add any more and we still had to do a second load. and this was no miniature truck, jared had hired a 6 tonne furniture removal truck!! time for a cull i think!

it was a lot of work and we are so so grateful to the friends and family that came and helped us get it all done. it certainly isn't something that we could have done ourselves and we are so overwhelmed with the support we had. one thing is for sure though, we are thrilled to be home sweet home in our new place... and i never ever want to move again. not as long as i live. so this house had better be good to us! we love it and can't wait to get settled.

chilling in the truck with my dad and oldest brother who kindly gave up his day to drive this huge truck full of our crap.

game over! a job well done ♥

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