Wednesday, September 30, 2015

marshall family picnic

a very long time ago, my mum lived in mount pleasant with her parents, younger sister and younger brother. years have passed, they all have children of their own... and some of those children have children of their own... we don't often get together all at once, but this week on the public holiday we did! and it seemed most appropriate that the "marshall family" picnic was held where it all began, in mount pleasant.

we met up at deepwater point, what a gorgeous spot! i am definitely filing that one away for future reference... mum was telling us while we were there that she used to swim there nearly every afternoon after school during the summer and i can see why. ♥ there was even a perfect little beach where the river lapped up against the shore and the kids were having the time of their lives playing in the sand and making castles... and a lovely little gated playground. 

most of the marshall family! i am sure gramps and nanna would be so happy to see what they have left behind.

joseph and isaac (the youngest of the next generation) little second cousins, loved hanging together and babbling away under the trees...

my cousin renee and her niece taelor, little sweetheart. she is so much fun to watch, always happy and giggling away. 

next gen isaac ♥ 

madeline and emma, always together if it's an option. i love hearing them laugh.

the three littlest girls enjoying their time in the sun, while uncles and dads and cousins ran about collecting the balls they were so gleefully throwing to the ground.

new friendships make me happy, so this photo of these little second cousins is the best. let's hope the next catch up isn't too far away. big big awesome thanks to my oldest brother jared for making it happen... it was an awesome day! :)

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