Friday, September 11, 2015

koala boxes

well. it just got real. today these 50 boxes got dropped off to our house, ready to fill with our things and move to the new house next weekend. i am so in love with this idea and i seriously wonder how no one has ever thought of it sooner... koala boxes is a local company here in perth, who deliver your chosen quantity of 70l plastic boxes with self locking lids, along with labels and a trolley to your house, you pack them, move them and then a week or two later they collect them from your new house. 

it's a win win! we don't have to look for empty cardboard boxes, these don't squash or go out of shape, they are stackable, it doesn't matter if they get wet... and best of all, i don't have to get rid of them afterwards. because someone is going to come and take them away!

so i started by packing the most important things first haha ♥

it's on! one week to go!

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