Monday, September 14, 2015

fepulea'i family photos

yesterday i had the absolute pleasure of taking photos of the fepulea'i family.

clark has just returned from his mission and i had promised his mum vivienne that i would take some when he finally got home. so off we went!

what can be said? the kids acted like absolute clowns, as per usual, but it was so. much. fun.

some random dude is standing where everyone is looking. needless to say, he left pretty quickly.

i especially love this one where everyone pulled out the illuminati pose and nifae had absolutely no idea what was going on. it was hysterical to see and almost as good on camera.

the fepulea'i kids cannot be beaten. to know them is to love them.

wade's wife deborah to the right (i did their wedding in january) we decided to do the mean girls classic "you can't sit with us"

and the couple that started it all. nifae and vivienne.

i just love all these shots. because no one in their family is anything other than themselves. 
and i love them for it. ♥

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