Monday, August 31, 2015

clark is home!

ladies, he is back! take a number. 

our "little brother" clark arrived back from the philippines olongapo mission on thursday and today we had his homecoming lunch at their house in baldivis. i cannot believe its been more than two years (he had to come home for a few months at the start after ruining his knee so badly that he needed surgery in the mtc) since he left and here he is back with us already.

not much has changed, he's exactly the same, cracking the same bad jokes and messing around... only difference is his "mexican" accent... apparently tagalog for two years will do that to you.

it was honestly like old times, the old crew back together... and we had so. much. fun. good food, good company and lots of laughs... what could possibly be better?

can't wait for our next hang, all is right with the world again

welcome home clarky boy!

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