Saturday, September 5, 2015

bonfire in clackline

saturday night brought a bonfire at my parents house in clackline. it's been ages since we've set something on fire there and madeline was so excited to see the fire.

doug had gone to a football game with his friends so it was just the kids and i, with isaac who also came up by himself. it was on for young and old and it's like the two of us had jumped back to our teenage years and were trying out all the old jokes from that age. we had a blast.

of course isaac and dad had to be boys and play with petrol... there was a bang and a large ball of fire... and now one of them has a lot less hair. that's all that needs to be said - but seriously boys will be boys and will never learn. :(

jen, mat and baby jacob came to hang out with us too... we spent a lot of our time outside chasing joseph and wishing i had thought to bring a glow stick to hang around his neck to make him easier to spot. next time i'll be better prepared.

what an adorable baby!

baby jacob and i chilling ♥

i love clackline and i always will. the best thing is truly being able to see millions of stars, something i really miss in the city. if only there was a way to have best of both worlds. 

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