Thursday, September 24, 2015

beach life ...

i spent the morning at the nollamara house this morning, again. cleaning some more as it wasn't quite perfect enough... but it is done, it is over and there are no more inspections at our new house! wheeeeeeee!!

but, beautiful tayla came and played with the kids while i slaved away so i could keep my sanity... and then took this sweet girl to the beach, then shopping, then out to dinner, to her parents house for a visit... and she had the time of her life. i am not a beachy person (it's not a fear of the beach, i hate sand!) but seeing this and hearing madeline talking about it non stop when tay eventually bought her home (at almost 8pm!!) i am thinking i may have to reconsider.

thank you tay! i am so grateful! madeline could not be any happier if you tried!

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