Sunday, August 2, 2015

setita's frozen birthday

we love birthday parties! and today was no exception, as madeline had been invited to a frozen party! she was so excited and i don't blame her, i remember exactly how exciting it was to go to a birthday party as a kid.

there was a face painter, which madeline was so excited about... she is love with having her face painted and sat very still as it was done... she was excited too though, as all the girls at the party had dressed up as elsa from frozen and she was the only anna. she loves to be her because "i have red hair like anna!"

maddie with the face painter

madeline is so in love with myra, every time she sees her she wants to touch her face and cuddle her. someone needs to get this kid a little sister! haha

see what i mean? she is so madly in love with her!

setita with her frozen presents from us 

and with her family ♥

seriously though, the highlight of the day... the amazing cake! seriously. i have never seen anything like it... especially seeing as the girl who made it has apparently never made a fancy cake before. that is some crazy talent right there!

and just for good measure an awesome shot of the birthday princesses younger brother. adorable.

thanks for having us at your party setita, we had an awesome time! xxx

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