Saturday, August 22, 2015

bikers against child abuse

we were at the galleria shopping centre today and came across a few motorbikes parked in the kmart mall, so we stopped for madeline to take a better look. her poppy (doug's dad) has long been obsessed with bikes and we knew he would get a kick out of seeing her sitting on one for a picture. little did i know until taking a better look, what they were there for. turns out we were about to learn more about bikers against child abuse which is the most incredible cause. these men take time out of their day to help children feel safe again and to feel like their future will be safer. 

we loved chatting to them and even bought poppy a t-shirt for father's day (thank goodness he doesn't have any idea how to look at my blog haha). go check out their website here and learn some more! 

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